Palm Beach Chapter Happenings

The Palm Beach Chapter PDCA held a “Pro Show and Swap Meet from 9:00AM – 1:00PM, on Saturday, April 14, 2012, at President McGinley’s Florida Training Services in Riviera Beach.

The event was well attended, with the following associates displaying their products and services inside the training building: Regal Paints, Benjamin Moore Paints, Hessler Paints, TriTech Industries, Titan, Roof-A-Cide, Rustoleum, Behr Paints, Glenn Saren Assoc., Wooster Brush and Sherwin Williams Paint. The associates donated several items that were raffled off after the 50/50 cash raffle.

Several Contractors set areas outside to sell used equipment they were no longer using.

Tritech Industries conducted a two hour seminar on airless spray application. The seminar was attended by over 15 painters.

Food and drinks were served and enjoyed by all.

The next event on the local calendar and sponsored by the Ft Lauderdale-Gulfstream and Palm Beach Chapters is the family BARBEQUE-PICNIC at Lake Biwa Palm Beach County Park in front of Morikami Gardens on Jog Rd, Saturday, May 19, 2012, from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. Bring your Hot Rods and Motorcycles for the vehicle display. Bring your Kids and/or grandkids for the Children’s games.

Palm Beach Pro Show and Swap Meet with Tri Tech Spray Tip Training …….

PDCA Booth Rustoleum Tri Tech Training Session Spray Tips Training Titan Hessler Paint Jessie Southland Painting Sue and Carlos Swap Meet Sales BenMoore Ben Moore TriTech Sherwin Williams Booth Wooster Brush Rustoleum Sue and Carlos
Tom Curran and Sue Greene man the PDCA Booth
Eric Mitchell and Jeff McGinley talk over Business
Tri Tech Spray Tip Training Session
Tri Tech Examples of Spray Tips
Lary Nelson with Titan Spray Equipment
Hessler Paint Benjamin Moore Dealer
Jeff McGinley and Jessie with Southland Painting
Florida Painters School
Swap Meet Sales went good
Benjamin Moore setting Up Booth
Benjamin Moore getting ready for big day!
Tri Tech Spray Booth
Sherwin Williams Booth
Paint Booth
Jose Marques presents WOOSTER BRUSH
Eric Mitchell with Rustoleum
Florida Painters School

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