Estimating For Higher Profit Seminars

This year, The Sherwin-Williams Co. and the Florida Council PDCA are holding ‘Estimating for Higher Profit’ Seminars around the state. The seminars are presented by PDCA’s Lynn Fife. Lynn started painting in 1970 & has worked every position from painter to CEO. For the past 23 years, he has been a consultant to painting contractors. He has been a speaker for PDCA conventions for over 22 years and has authored books specific to the painting industry. Lynn’s delivery style is sure to keep you entertained while providing tons of very valuable information.

These seminars teach the contractor how to beat competition without lowering their price, discusses utilizing accurate estimating techniques, and covers what it really costs to run a painting business, how to pay yourself the money you should be making, and much, much more.

The first 2014 seminar was held in Pompano Beach where Sherwin-Williams sales reps brought in 125 contractors who attended. The second was in Orlando where reps brought in 180 of their customers. Melbourne followed where Sherwin-Williams brought in 40 contractor attendees. The same seminar was held June 26th in Jacksonville where we had 47 attendees.  We’re working on scheduling one more event in Miami.

These seminars are also a membership recruitment for Florida Council PDCA. Florida Council PDCA has signed up 89 new members from these seminars. Big Thanks to Sherwin-Willams and to Lynn Fife.

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