New One Price Membership Dues

Florida Council is happy to announce that we are now part of a Pilot Program for a One Price Membership Dues Structure.  Starting January 1, 2013, there will be a one price yearly membership dues of $399 for contractors, regardless of your sales volume. We are trying to achieve a less confusing format for our membership dues throughout the State.  There is still a credit card payment plan available for monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payment.

If you have already paid your membership dues for 2013 and they were more than $399, you will be receiving a refund check from PDCA.  If you were part of a promotional membership dues program and your dues were less than $399, you will receive an invoice for the difference.

This $399 price includes:   (this price is a savings to most of our contractor members).

  • Membership – National PDCA
  • Membership – Florida
  • Contractors will be able to attend any local chapter or state council meeting or educational event with this membership. There will still be local groups conducting educational programs & events periodically that the member will be kept abreast of so that he may attend if he/she wants.

Florida Council is in the process of  planning four – six  educational events throughout the State in 2013, which all members are able to attend as part of  their  membership. We are planning on having Top Speakers for these events and possibly “Hands On” Training. Details will follow soon.

There will be four Florida Council Quarterly Meetings around the state that any member can attend. These meetings will also have an educational program portion. Members can attend and voice any concerns and/or just keep on top of what PDCA is doing in Florida.

Florida Council is in the process of creating a Coupon Book for our existing members and new members. This book should have 25 or 30 pages of coupons for the member. The value of this coupon book will more than pay for your membership dues. This book should be complete within the next 6 months.

We also have a Florida PDCA Website,   Florida Council also has advertising space on our website that contractors and/or associates can purchase for a reasonable fee. We will have a calendar of Florida Council & local group events on the website including associates events. There will be a listing of members on the website. Please contact us for more information.

We value your membership and we are striving to bring you benefits that will help you and your company in the Painting Industry.  If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call or send an email to:

Rob French, President                                                           Judi Ricci, Executive Director
Florida Council PDCA                                                             Florida Council PDCA
954-650-5080                                                                          954-214-4447                                                        

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